Revelation 7 speaks of a great multitude of every tribe, tongue and nation before the throne of God.  Community Church is proud to have several church-supported missionaries serving all over the globe.  We believe in spreading the Word of God to all the reaches of the earth, not just to our own backyard in Fond du Lac, WI.

If you'd like to get in contact with any of our missionary families please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.  

David and Cheryl Cross
Serving with Professional Global

David and Cheryl Cross are serving in Orlando, Florida.  They have 5 children; Johnathon, Rebecca, Lydia, Michael and Faith. 

David is the founder and president of Professionals Global, an organization which seeks to help followers of Christ integrate work and faith among the unreached. Cheryl works as Director of Language and Culture Acquisition at Professionals Global. David casts a vision for sending out tentmakers both within the organization, and as a representative to churches, other mission organizations, donors, and foundations. In order to do this, he connects with people and builds relationships, preaches, teaches, and writes. David and Cheryl also actively reach out to Muslims in Orlando where they have seen over 550  people come to faith through their ministry. The Lord has used their work to plant 50 churches overseas.

The "D" Family
Serving in Europe

Due to security reasons they have asked that no other information be shared online. But they love and appreciate all the prayers!

The "L" Family
Serving with Send North

Victor and Dawn live in Alaska.  They  live in a village of 200 people (over 300 miles from the road system) where they seek to share the light and hope of Jesus through everyday life. Victor can fix just about anything and Dawn does some photography, gardening, and visiting. 

Brad and Deb Mashburn
Serving with Converge

Brad and Deb Mashburn are sharing the Good News of Jesus with a people group in West Africa. There are fewer than 100 Christians among this unreached people group of over 6 million. In this hearing-dominant culture they teach key Bible stories chronologically, gradually building up to the death and resurrection of Jesus and his fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies. They also work with other missionaries to produced written scriptures in the local language using the Arabic alphabet. 

Brad and Deb work with villagers to implement appropriate development strategies to help them increase their economic capacity and ward off food shortages and chronic health challenges. They endeavor to follow Jesus’ example of caring for the physical needs of unbelievers as well as their spiritual need to know Jesus Christ.

Jim and Cindy Sweeny
Serving with Mission Emanuel

Jim and Cindy Sweeney serve in the community of Cielo in the Dominican Republic.  Mission Emanuel is a cross-cultural, relational, Christian ministry that strives to promote discipleship through short-term mission trips focused on community transformation. We do this through education, clean water, a dental and pediatrics clinic, physical therapy, and a community center for athletics.

Jim serves as the Executive Director of Mission Emanuel with a staff of over 50 employees. His main focuses are on raising up national leadership and Short Term missions.  Cindy serves as the Director of Sponsorship with over 400 students ranging from preschool to university.

Carla and Jamie Unseth
Serving with Pioneer Bible Translators

Carla works for Pioneer Bible Translators as a language and translation consultant. She works with teams that are on the ground in various parts of Africa to help check the translations for accuracy. She also helps answer language questions, which often includes writing alphabets!


Steve and Amanda Bialy
Serving with Converge in the United Kingdom

Steve and Amanda Bialy are leading an initiative with Converge to reach people in the UK and Ireland with the good news of Jesus. It may surprise you to hear that the UK, along with Ireland, represent the two least reached English-speaking countries in terms of the gospel.  Millions live in communities having no gospel-centered church, having never heard the gospel message, and not personally knowing a single follower of Christ.  

The Bialys are partnering with King's Church Chessington to impact people for Christ. They hope to help people who are exploring to have a framework for faith in Jesus.


Michael Tonn
West Africa

Michael was born and raised in Fond du Lac county. After a few career changes that included the military and practicing law, God drew him into cross-cultural missions. Having joined Pioneer Bible Translators in 2021, Michael then earned a master’s degree in Intercultural Studies, with emphasis on Scripture Engagement. He is about to launch overseas for French language learning, and then to his permanent field home.

Michael is preparing to serve with Pioneer Bible Translators as a church planter in West Africa. His goal is to see a movement of churches following Jesus, using translated Scripture to grow, mature, and multiply disciples who train more disciples. He gets excited when people take God’s Word and plant it deep in their souls!

“For the joy of the LORD is our strength.”