There are several ways to get involved with missions here at Community Church.  

1.  Missions Team

2. Senders Team

3.  Advocacy Groups

4.  Short-Term Missions

Missions Team

Our Missions team is always looking for new members!  We meet once a month to discuss care of our missionaries, upcoming short-term mission teams, pray for our missionaries and much more.

If you would like more information or would like to join our next meeting please contact us and indicate you would like more information on the missions team.

Senders Team

 Community Senders is a new team whose purpose is to fund raise through various meal events at Community Church.  The money raised is used to help offset the cost for those who are called to GO on a trip.  As a Community Sender you have the opportunity to help sell event tickets, prep food in the Community kitchen, serve meals and of course clean up after meals.  If you’re not a chef, that’s okay!  Our kitchen dutires and meal prep are led by Jim Wathan.  You can serve as little or as much as you wish.

To sign up or get more information about Community Senders, please contact us and indicate you’d like more information on the Senders Team.

Community Senders is a great opportunity to participate in The Great Commission as well as meet new people and build new relationships while having fun and serving the Lord.

Advocacy Groups

Missionary advocates help our missionaries connect at Community Church through encouragement, communication, and hospitality. While missionaries are on the field, their advocate team can encourage them by sending emails, care packages, and even visiting! They will help to connect with the church by reading their newsletters and sharing with the church through posters, Facebook, and possibly videos on the month the missionary is highlighted. When a missionary visits, the advocates will be their hospitality team by helping to arrange housing, a meal after the service, and connecting them with the church family

To sign up or for more information about our Advocacy Groups, please contact us and indicate you’d like to know more about Advocacy Groups.

Short-Term Missions Trip

We send out several teams each year to different places across the globe.  Most recently we’ve supported teams to Senegal and Romania.  If you’d like to go on a short-term missions trip please fill out the application at the top of the page and contact us for the email to send them to.