Acts 13:1-12

Sermon Notes

I. Go __________ on God (v. 1-3)

II. Go empowered by the __________ (v. 4-5)

How do I know the Spirit is leading me?

1. He works through __________ , fasting and worship

2. He works consistent with the  __________ of God

3. He works through our __________ gifts

III. Go __________ (v. 6-12)

Going Deeper

  1. Who is the church? Has your understanding of church changed during this series in Acts? Why or why not?
  2. Who is the church for?
  3. Read Paul’s missionary call (Acts 9:15-16). Paul will bring the gospel before Gentiles and kings (Acts 14:27; 13:7-12, 46-48; 14:8-18) and he does suffer for the name (Acts 14:5, 19). To whom has God called you to bring the gospel? How will you answer that call this week?
  4. What were the disciples doing when they heard from the Holy Spirit (v. 2)? How did they commission Paul and Barnabas (v. 3)? Have you ever fasted before? Consider fasting one meal this week to spend time in focused prayer. When you feel the hunger pain let it remind you that this is how our
    spirit hungers for God!
  5. What is the Holy Spirit calling you to do? How do you know? What will you do to obey the Spirit this week?
  6. What did Bar-Jesus (Elymas) try to do (v. 8)? Are there people in your life that are like Elymas?
  7. What does Paul do in response (v. 9-11)?
  8. Why did the proconsul (governor) believe according to v. 12? What does this teach us about the power of the message over the power of signs?
  9. William Larkin Jr. says, “Luke clearly shows how the gospel’s power is greater than the power of the occult.”
  10. Read 1 John 4:1-6. How can we discern true teachers from false teachers? In v. 4 we see that the Spirit in us is greater than the devil in the world. How is this a comfort to you? How does this give you
  11. Read Romans 8:35-39. What can separate us from the love of Christ?
  12. Do you worry about evil powers in this world? How do these passages help you change your outlook at actions?