Isaiah 7:14; Micha 5:5, Zech. 9:10; 12:10

Sermon Notes

I. The ______ 

A. Foretelling the ______ (Genesis 12:1-3)

B. Jesus is the ______ (Luke 1:54-55)

II. Light

A. Foretelling the ______ (Isaiah 9:2)

B. ______ is the light (Matthew 4:12-17)

III. ______ 

A. Foretelling our ______ (Micah 5:2-5)

B. Jesus is our  ______  of ______ (Romans 5:1-2)

Going Deeper

  1. Read Genesis 12:1-3. How does God want to bless Abram personally, nationally, globally?
  2. Read Luke 1:54-55 and Ephesians 1:3-14. How does Jesus fulfill God’s promise to Abraham? What are the blessings God provides in Christ?
  3. Craig Blomberg describes Jesus’ ministry: “[It was] a shining spiritual light into the dark corners of both Jewish and Gentile religion…by following Christ, people of either background can experience spiritual life rather than death.”
  4. Read Isaiah 9:2. What do the people in darkness see? How is our world dark today? How is Jesus the light?
  5. Read Matthew 4:12-17. How does Jesus fulfill Isaiah 9:2?
  6. Read Micah 5:2-5a. How is the Messiah going to be a ruler, a shepherd and their peace? How does Jesus fulfill this prophecy?
  7. Nancy Guthrie says: “Jesus experienced the alienation from God in those hours that you and I deserve to experience forever, so that we will never have to experience it. While we may sometimes feel abandoned by God, we have never been and never will be. Because Jesus was alienated from God as our substitute, we can draw near. Because God turned his face away from Jesus, we can be confident that he will never turn away from us.”
  8. Read Zechariah 12:10. Now read Isaiah 53:5. What do you see repeated? How does Jesus fulfill these prophecies? What does it mean for your life?
  9. Do you have the blessing of God, the light of God and the peace of God? How do you know?
  10. With whom will you share the gospel this holiday season? Be specific. Take some time to pray for these people by name.