Sermon Notes

  1. He is 
  2. He  to us
  3. He us

Three ways to be wonderful counselors:

  1. Grow in 
  2. Become a better 
  3. Give godly 

Going Deeper

  1. Isaiah is a lengthy OT book that points to coming Messiah. We see Jesus in Isaiah often. Read Isaiah 7:14. Where is this quoted in the New Testament?
  2. Read Isaiah 11:1-2. This is pointing to the Messiah, Jesus. Commentator Derek Kidner points out: “Whereas [Isaiah] 7:14 concentrates on his birth and 11:1-16 on his kingdom, [Isaiah] 9:6-7 emphasizes his person.”
  3. Read Isaiah 9:2-7. What is one of the themes in this passage?
  4. Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor. He is wise, he listens to us and he gives advice. In what ways have you seen Jesus do this in your life? Take time right now to thank Him that He is your Wonderful Counselor.
  5. Read about God’s wisdom in Job 12:13 and Isaiah 40:12-14.
  6. God’s wisdom is shown in the cross. Read 1 Cor. 1:18-25. What does this passage say about the cross? What does it mean to those who are perishing? What does it mean to those who are being saved? How is God’s wisdom shown at the cross?
  7. Read Psalm 66:17-20. God listens to us – but what stops God from listening to us? How is this a good warning?
  8. To go deeper this week read Matthew 5-7. How do you see Jesus giving advice? What do you need to do to follow His counsel this week?
  9. Read Matthew 11:25-29. What is the connection between God the Father and God the Son? How will you better yoke yourself with Jesus this week?
  10. How will you be a wonderful counselor for others this week?