Sundays are the best day of the week for Community Kids!

Our curriculum follows Bible stories chronologically through a 3-year cycle. In previous years, our kids learned about the Old Testament, the Israelite people, and God's overall plan to redeem the world. This fall, our students will start over in Genesis and begin the journey through the Bible again!

We use The Gospel Project curriculum to teach children of all ages the same passage of Scripture at their own level, so brothers and sisters can talk over the details at home over lunch or throughout the week.  (Check out this video to get a sneak peek).

Join us every Sunday at 9am (Birth – 5th grade)

 Family Worship Day is the first Sunday of every month (No programming for 2nd-5th graders, they stay in service with their families). On Family Worhsip days, we will take a break from our chronological study to highlight some of the main stories in the Old and New Testaments.


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Fall 2023:
Unit 1: In the Beginning:
9/17/23 - God Created the World (Genesis 1)
9/24/23 - God Created People (Genesis 1-2)
10/01/23 - FWD, through 1st grade; 2nd grade BIBLE SUNDAY; Jesus healed an official's son
10/08/23 - Creation Glorifies God (Psalm 19)
Unit 2: Creation Is Ruined:
10/15/23 - Sin Entered the World (Genesis 3)
10/22/23 - Sin Spread to People (Genesis 4-5)
10/29/23 - God Spared Noah (Genesis 6-10)
11/5/23 - FWD, through 1st Grade; Jesus calmed the storm
11/12/23 - People Rebel Against God (Genesis 10-11)
Unit 3: God's Rescue Plan
11/19/23 - God Made a Covenant with Abraham (Gen 12-20)
11/26/23 - Melchizedek Blessed Abraham (Gen 14, Hebrews 5,7)
12/3/23 - FWD, through 1st grade; Jesus healed a blind man
12/10/23 - The Promised Messiah (Matthew 1-2, Luke 2)
12/17/23 - Children's Program and Party
12/24/23 - Holiday: through 4K
12/31/23 - Holiday: through 4K

Winter 2024:
1/7/24 - God Provided Isaac (Gen 21-22)
1/14/24 - God Changed Jacob (Gen 25-33)
1/21/24 - God Had a Plan for Joseph (Gen 37-50)
1/28/24 - God Controls Everything (Job)