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What can you expect on a Sunday morning?

Here are a few of our frequently asked questions:

1. What is your Sunday service schedule?

- We meet for an indoor/live-streamed service each week at 9am. If you prefer a later start, we offer a second in-person, indoor service at 10:45am. Refreshments and coffee are provided between the services... it's a great opportunity to meet our church family!

2. What should I wear?

- We are a very relaxed congregation.  Come in a suit, come in sweat pants -- Jesus loves you just as you are, and so do we!

3. What do you offer for kids?

- Full programming is available through 5th grade at the 9:00am service on regular Sundays and through 1st grade on Family Worship Sundays (the first Sunday of the month). Head over to our Children's Ministry page to learn more about our lessons, events, and volunteer team.  We do not offer programming for the 10:45 service at this time.

4.  What translation of the Bible do you use?

- We are using the CSB, the Christian Standard Bible.

5.  How do I get connected here at Community Church?

- Simple! You can get connected by:

1. Filling out a connect card online (found on our homepage).

2. Completing the form below.

3. Filling out a connect card at church and drop it into the offering box.

Either way, someone will reach out to you shortly and together you can find the best fit for you at Community Church!

Get Connected

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